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Behind closed doors, the “I Love You” is dropped
Hands are intertwined, waists are held onto
Plans are made, feelings are expressed and thoughts are shared

And then the door opens

People peer in to see, and the shoulder turns cold
Awkward eye contact and fidgety movements with hands and hair
Do feelings change when people are present?
Or were they never really there?

How am I in the wrong for leaving? There is no way I can watch
Watch you turn a cheek to me, while engaging with an ex love
“A friend” as you call it

A “friend” doesn’t need shielding from the truth your soul bared less than 12 hours ago
And a love doesn’t need to be hidden if it’s a true love
I scream and yell, never call me again, I’m done
And your response is more painful than the thought of my statement being true
Words can cut so deep without one realizing
I awake the next morning, and all I can think about is if you are going to fight against my tantrum
If you are going to never call me again
Or, I close my eyes and pray that you will not allow that
That you will stand and bare your true colors
and WANT me.

But then, will this cycle happen again next week?
Because we both know, I’ll be on that ride